For The First 12 Hours

Stay away from pools, saunas, showers, and water in general. Clients should avoid activities where they sweat or are in humidity. They should NOT use any oil-based products on their eyes and avoid touching the lashes directly. We recommend clients sleep on their backs to avoid pressing the lashes against their pillows.

For General

Use a gentle foaming cleanser on the eyelash extension once a day, especially after a workout. Brush out the lashes using a Lash Styling Wand, and use a Lash Coating product every other day when they are completely dry. To maintain the lifespan of the extension, avoid using oil-based and waterproof cosmetics, lotions, makeup removers, and creams.

Tips & Tricks

Avoiding rubbing the eyes.

Use a Q-tip to remove eyeliner after wear.

We do not recommend wearing mascara.

Do not curl the extension.