Type of the lashes

At LOVELY LASH any of the eyelash extensions will give you insanely sexy eyes and compliments, lots and lots of compliments, there are important differences to consider when choosing your lash material. Our technicians will happily discuss your desired look and make sure you get exactly what you want.

1. Mink Lashes Mink Lashes are perfect for a bold, full look, like having on mascara, without any effort of putting on and taking off mascara. It’s the ultimate glamour look, and you can say, “I woke up like this.”

2. Silk Lashes Silk Lashes are thinner and lighter than Mink and give a natural look, but with longer and fuller lashes. It gives you an extra flare to your naturally beautiful eyes. For those with very thin eyelashes, it is recommended to use silk because they are lighter weight than Mink, which may be too heavy for thin lashes to support.

3. REAL MINK Real Mink is 100% authentic mink lashes carefully sourced from cruelty-free providers and sanitized. It is very similar to the structure and properties of the human hair cuticle. The craze for this material is all about the natural qualities to them – being of real fur. You will feel the difference in inherent flexibility and softness right away. It is highly recommended for the clients who prefer the natural look.

4. DOUBLE LASHES Our double lashes are putting two extensions on a single natural lash to bring more dimension to the eyes than by applying just a set of thick(0.20mm) extension. The combination of different lengths and amount of extensions can give you a lush and dramatic look.* Only for returning LOVELY LASH customer or have consulted with us in advance.


Thickness: 0.15mm

  • Slightly thicker than your natural eyelashes
  • Makes your eyes look as if mascara is applied
  • More defined eyes as if eyeliner is applied

Thickness: 0.2mm

  • Much thicker than your natural eyelashes
  • Adds volume and thickens
  • Widens and brightens the eyes